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Children and the Law

Issues concerning Children, whether as a result of divorce, relationship breakdown or anything else, are governed by The Children Act 1989. The Act sets down in law four very important principles: • In all issues about children, the child’s welfare is first and paramount. • Parents have responsibilities for their children, rather than having rights …

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Children, Separation and Stress

In the stress of divorce and separation, it is easy to get so caught up in your own problems and unhappiness that you cannot pay attention to the needs of your children. But divorce and separation are stressful for children too. Mum and Dad arguing, living together in silence, crying – these are all situations …

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Obtaining a divorce is usually very straightforward. The law states that a divorce can be obtained if the marriage has “irretrievably broken down”. “Irretrievable breakdown” can be established by proving one of 5 facts: 1. One spouse has committed adultery and the other finds it impossible to live with him/her. 2. One spouse has behaved …

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Financial Problems

Financial Issues

When a couple decide to divorce, there are often financial issues that need to be resolved. In mediation, people are free to make whatever agreement they consider fair between them. It is sometimes helpful for the couple to understand the legal framework that governs financial issues arising on divorce. This can provide an incentive to …

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Options for the way forward on divorce or separation

When a couple decides to separate, there are various choices they can make about the way in which they do so. Normally, there are issues to be agreed over arrangements for the children and finance. Certainly as far as the finances are concerned, it is important to obtain legal advice. However that does not mean …

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