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Cressida Burnet

Formerly a Barrister specialising in family work Cressida now practices exclusively as a family mediation specialist working with couples undergoing divorce or separation. Cressida is experienced in mediating all issues relating to finances and arrangements for children arising on separation.

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Cressida Burnet – CV

Clients value her capacity to explain complex issues in a straightforward way and her ability to quickly identify the key issues. Cressida is accredited to carry out MIAM’s (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) and regularly lectures and trains other mediators and members of the Bar. Cressida is a PPC (Professional Practice Consultant)


Andrew Sims

Andrew is a skilled and experienced independent mediator, in full time practice. He specializes in mediating sensitive and complex cases.
He regularly practices in the fields of family, commercial, workplace / employment and community mediation.
In Family Mediation, Andrew’s main focus is on helping separating couples reach agreement about the future with regards to their children, housing and finances.
Andrew also mediates family business and inheritance disputes and has experience of mediating disagreements between parents and children and conflicts arising from the placement of children in foster care.
Andrew is registered to conduct Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM’s).

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Andrew Sims – CV (General)

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Andrew Sims – Detailed Family Mediation Profile

He is an Approved Mediator with the College of Mediators and an accredited and practicing civil and commercial mediator. He has a degree in Social Psychology and a business background.
Andrew’s professional background is in construction, in project management, commercial management and client relationship management.
His work in family mediation is governed by the Family Mediation Council’s Code of Practice.
Andrew is a firm believer in the development of high professional standards for all mediators.
He is married with three children and lives in London.

Mediating Futures has other professionals available as co-mediators from a broad range of backgrounds including counsellors, experts in addiction, commercial experts and other family lawyers.

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